Important Information

Storage and carriage of products

If stored dry with the piston rods pointing downwards, the gas springs should not lose pressure. They should not be stored for longer than 12 month and be operated (inward and outward motion of the piston rod) at least once after a storage time of 6 up to maximum 12 month. When the products are first used after an extended period of disuse, a slip-stick effect can occur, which means increased force is required to move the piston rod in and out.
To prevent damage, gas springs should not be transported as bulk goods. Impurities must be avoided, including in particular those due to thin packing films or adhesive tapes.

Installation of gas springs

The gas springs should be fitted with the piston rods pointing downwards, as this guarantees minimum friction and optimum damping performance. Horizontal installation should be avoided. If the connections to the piston rod and tube must be aligned with one another, the piston rod and tube may only be turned to the right (clockwise).

The installation / removal of gas springs must always occur in unloaded condition.

Provide play in linkage points, i.e. avoid rigid installation. Lubricate linkage points if necessary, in order to reduce friction and increase the service life of the connections.

Avoid chocking the piston rods (for gas springs with long strokes, the product must have additional bearing / guidance. Sagging, bending and buckling must be avoided). Only axial strain is allowed (risk of buckling). There must be no transverse or torsional forces.

Gas springs may be used as end stops if the nominal force (see label on each gas spring) does not exceed +30% (no overexpansion or compression of the products), i.e. the products can only be subjected to pressure or torsion at their nominal force +30%. Especially where there are strong forces, mechanical stops should be put into place as well in order to prevent compression or overextension of the product.

Important: The adhesive labels must not be removed from the gas springs; no liability can be accepted for damage caused by the removal of the labels or resulting from disregarding the warnings and instructions on the labels.