Gas Springs

We produce all popular types of gas springs, with tube diameters ranging from 15 mm to 28 mm and output forces from 10 N to 2500 N. But our strength lies in the production of customized gas springs. It makes no difference whether you need just one or several hundred gas springs - with our many years of experience we can make your gas springs individually to your specifications within a very short time. The delivery time for your order depends on our job situation. Our name stands for short delivery times and high-quality products.

The gas spring is a sealed system which is filled with pressurised nitrogen gas. Oil is used for damping. The inward and outward speed is determined by the choke opening on the piston. The large number of connections and built-on components makes fitting easier and means that there are universal applications for the gas spring. Gas springs are used everywhere where things need to be raised and lowered. They support muscular force and enable controlled lifting and lowering of covers, flaps, hoods, etc.